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RNS Announces Special Publication Honouring Professor Peter Spufford

The Royal Numismatic Society announces a special publication of a collection of essays honoring Professor Spufford in the book Money and its Use in Medieval Europe Three Decades On. Essays in Honor of Professor Peter Spufford.

The publication of Peter Spufford’s book Money and its Use in Medieval Europe in 1988 was a major landmark in the history of the subject. It has served as an inspiration to a generation of scholars, many of whom have contributed to this volume. The twelve chapters in this volume build upon the themes of Money and its Use in Medieval Europe and take them further. The subjects covered include the use of money in various parts of Europe, Italian mint masters and bankers, debasement, and the use of silver ingots or credit instead of coins.

Edited by Martin Allen and Nicholas Mayhew, the collection includes the following essays:

1. The monetary use of uncoined silver in western Europe in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, MARCUS PHILLIPS

2. English monetary policy in Aquitaine, B. J. COOK

3. The Calais mint and the wool trade. MARTIN ALLEN

4. The ’s-Hertogenbosch 1998 hoard: treasure behind the gilded armour, JAN PELSDONK

5. Percivalle dal Portico of Lucca (fl. 1330−1370): Tuscan merchant and mint-master in the Low Countries and England in the fourteenth century, WILLIAM R. DAY, Jr.

6. Mint organization in late medieval Italy, LUCIA TRAVAINI

7. Ingots and the Venetian Mint in the later Middle Ages: the accounts of Guglielmo Condulmer, ALAN M. STAHL

8. How it really worked: Italian banking in northern Europe in the fifteenth century as seen through the ledgers of the Borromei bank, JAMES L. BOLTON

9. The great monetary reform in Prussia, Poland and Ruthenia: a competition between ‘grosso’ and ‘groschen’ in the East, BORYS PASZKIEWICZ

10. Good or bad money? Debasements, society and the state in the late Middle Ages, DAVID CHILOSI and OLIVER VOLCKART

11. The behaviour of low alloy silver coins, MARCEL VAN DER BEEK

12. The non-use of money in the Middle Ages, ADRIAN R. BELL, CHRIS BROOKS and TONY K. MOORE

The Royal Numismatic SocietyS pecial Publication No. 52, Hardback 192 pages

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