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The 7th Joint Meeting of the European Coin Find Network and

The 7th Joint Meeting of the European Coin Find Network and will be held at the Museu de Prehistoria de València on May 3-5, 2018. The call for participation now open. Particular areas of interest this year are: 

  • Coin finds from the Iberian Peninsula and neighbouring regions 
  • The results of digital projects on coin finds: including GIS applications, 
statistical studies, database and online applications, etc. 
  • General studies on coin finds from the Iron Age to the Medieval period. 

 In addtion to presentations in these areas, the gathering will also hold a series of meetings of working groups devoted to specific periods and areas of numismatic study.  These are open to anyone with an interest in exploring the development of Linked Open Data technologies for numismatic web publication. 

 The call for papers and further information on the conferecne can be by found here