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CALL FOR PAPERS – ‘The social production of money: archaeological perspectives’.

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TAG 2019, UCL Institute of Education, London, 16-18 December 2019.

Money is a commonplace of complex societies, and evidence for its production and use appears in the archaeological record at multiple scales: from individual coins, dies, and weights, to mint buildings, metallurgical workshops, and mining complexes. The character, scope, and volume of this evidence means that archaeology can offer significant and unique contributions to wider anthropological and sociological debates concerning the socio-cultural processes by which money comes into being: how are objects transformed into money, how are different forms of money rendered legitimate or illegitimate, and how are the social conventions behind money maintained or challenged by its producers and (non)users? This session invites contributions exploring the social production of money and moneys in past societies, with a focus on five key themes:

  • The assignation of value to monetary media
  • Legitimation and validation of moneys
  • Fungibility and commensuration of moneys
  • Money and institutions
  • Hierarchies of money

The duration of presentations should not exceed 20 minutes.

If you wish to participate in this session, please submit a title and an abstract of no more than 250 words by 2 September 2019 to Murray Andrews ( and Olav Gundersen (