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Islamic Coins Themed Stamp Exhibition

One of the activities included in the Celebration of the Conquest of Antalya 01-05 March, 2019 is the exhibition titled “Islamic Coins Themed Stamps Exhibition”. It covers the stamps of various countries showing coins struck by Islamic states and dynasties from the early Islamic Period to 19th century. There are stamps of ten countries in the posters. The aim of this organization is to remind the existence of stamps, which are no more involved in our daily lives as they were before, and to call attention to numismatics of Islamic coins. In this sense, the exhibition is to be followed by a workshop titled “Islamic Numismatics Studies in Turkey: Discussion and Suggestions”. Participants are Dinçer Savaş Lenger (Akdeniz University), Betül Teoman (Dokuz Eylül University), Gültekin Teoman (İzmir Association of Numismatics), Diren Çakılcı (Akdeniz University), Meryem Değer (Antalya Archeology Museum .The organization is to be held in 4 March, 2019 at Antalya Center of Culture, Turkey.

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