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Online Zeitschrift zur Antiken Numismatik

Today communication and intellectual exchange take place digitally – and increasingly online. The number of museums and research institutes which display their holdings online increases daily. Beyond the digitization of coin collections and find publications there is still a wealth of material which awaits advanced scholarly attention.

The new online journal OZeAN (“Online Zeitschrift zur Antiken Numismatik”) publishes academic studies relating to all aspects of ancient numismatics, including ancient economic and monetary history and the archaeological contexts of coin finds. As well as articles consisting of illustrations and text, the journal also makes it possible to include scientific and statistical data, such as databases on which textual evaluations can be based, in open data formats. 3D, audio and video formats may also be integrated within a publication.

The published studies are divided into the following categories: traditional academic studies, collections of material and reports relating to new methods of compiling material. OZeAN is licenced by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

All articles will be subjected to a peer review and will appear immediately in open access format following their publication; no processing fees are involved. The articles will be issued promptly, thanks to a speedy publication process. OZeAN accepts contributions in English and German.

Further particulars about the journal, the first texts of the 2019 volume and information relating to the submission of manuscripts can be found on the OZeAN home page: